Equipment has designed for applying surface adhesive coatings onto reel substrates. Explosion proof performance lets to use water or solvent based solutions. Different coating processes are possible: Meyer Bar; Reverse Gravure; Hot Melt or other. After the coating, the end holographic product can be Hot stamping foil or Pressure-sensitive labels.

Foil unwind-rewind system:

Flameproof main drive
Two Unwind units with pneumatic brake control
Two Rewind units with pneumatic clutch control
Two pneumatic operated NIP units
Automatic core chucks
Web speed display
Meter counter


film coating

Drying system:

Hot air drying system – 2 or 4 channels
Automatic temperature control
Air supply blower
Exhaust fan - EX
Control panel
Hot air proof hose
Chill rolls


hologram foil

Mayer Bar coating unit:

Meyer rods
Adhesive supply pump
Two air motors