hologram machine

Optical embossing

Since his inviting the optical embossing has become most usable process for mass holograms replication. The base foil passes between die roll with mounted Work nickel shim and pressure roll. The high temperature and pressure transfer surface pattern into a plastic. The result is embossed holographic foil.

Hologram machine

Our narrow web 12” hologram embosser uses classical three roll system, shown below. You can use as well hard steel and compliant polymer rolls. The printing process becames frame by frame. The frame length depends of die roll diameter (6”, 8”, 10”,12”). Timing controller keeps exact distance between frames. Two close loop tension systems and web guiding unit also assist for the quality results. The automatic PID controllers sustain constant work temperature on the rollers. The control panel manages embossing pressure and count printed frames.

hologram embosser