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Hologram Electroforming

Process of converting holographic image (relief) from photo-resist or plastic to metal (nickel).

The full set includes two type of processes needed two iindependent sets of equipment with different solution composition. They are called "unstressed" and "stressed" electroform modules.

1. Production of Master shims - transforms image from Photo-resist glass or recombined plastic to nickel copies.
2. Production of Work shims - Work shims are copies from Master shims.


Polypropylene Tank, Constant Current/Constant Voltage Rectifier, Amp-Hour Meter, Titanium Immersion Heater with Thermostat, Pump, Filter, Titanium anode basket, Polypropylene&Synel bags, Dummy cathodes, Start chemical kit


Max. shim size
  300x300 mm
Tank volume
60 l
Max. operational current
50 A

Hologram Electroforming (PDF)hologram electroforming