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The conventional printing press HEIDELBERG Cylinder is refurbished and converted into hot foil stamping machine. The equipment is suitable for hot stamping with pigment and pattern holographic foils and hot stamping of holographic registered images.

Foil system:
Up to 4 foil pull system
Hologram registration
Precision tension control
Wrinkle removal rolls

Heating plate:
Four independent heating zones
Temperature interval up to 150 Celsius                
Die width – 2-7 mm           


Maximum sheet size
56/77 cm
Maximum press area
50/70 cm
Maximum foil roll width
70 cm
Maximum foil roll length
(12 mic) 300 m
Maximum work speed
2000 sheet/hour
Electrical supply
380 V, 15 КW
6000 кg
360/190/160 сm


Hot Stamping (PDF) hot stamping